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It’s a good day for some yoga. 🌞 Join me @yogamagazinenl and follow my new class. Let me take you into the world of Ashtanga …The class is accessible for beginners and advanced students. (There are no chaturangas and upward dog, but feel free to do so, if ok. And of course

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Yoga in de clemenskerk

Yoga in de kerk. Verwacht heerlijke avondsessies, onder leiding van de professionele docenten van Yoga-Sila en Justynajyoga. Ervaring is niet nodig, neem wel een eigen matje mee en een lekker dik warm vest! De sessie worden dit jaar 3x aangeboden op maandag van 20.00 tot 21.00 uur, tot en met

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Lovely people….last Monday it really happened….filming for yogatv (yes!)…… a beginner ashtanga sequence….❤️🧘🏼‍♀️Now working for the camera is very exciting for me… ;-)) but the team that was there made me feel very comfortable😊.Thank you very much dear team of @yogamagazinenl .I will keep you informed …..Pic credits @ilsesavenijelove, Yoga-Sila Sanja

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Mindful chairyoga Vitaliteitsnetwerk

25 September @Vitaliteitsnetwerk Nederland meeting @Nike. 150 employers were inspired by the theme “movement”…. Before their lunch-break I introduced them into the world of yoga … mindful chair yoga 🙂  #chairyoga#mindfulness#mindset#Vitality, #Vitaliteitsnetwerk Nederland, #Nike, #movement#highfivehealthpromotion#yoga

Meditation session at Nike

Teaching Mindfulness ……. very nice to have this group of beautiful ladies grounded and connected by a wonderful meditation session at the start of a meeting @nike. Great to experience and feel the peace, softness and tranquility of such a large group …… The magic of mindfulness …..Mindfulness isn’t difficult….

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Favorite yoga teacher yoga magazine

Favorite teacher Yoga MagazineBlessed….Because of you guys I got the most votes for “who is your favorite yogateacher”…. and we are going to make an online yoga practice with me….How sweet to read all the support from my students / family and friends… what nice andwonderful reactions……Thank you for your confidence and

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Favorite yoga teacher

Who is your favorite yoga teacher in the Netherlands. I am 1 of the 6 nominated by…:-) And of course there are so many wonderful yoga teachers who spread yoga around the world…..With much love and dedication I have been teaching yoga for years and I see students growing

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