Vinyasa yoga


Vinyasa yoga is currently the most common yoga style, it is also called Flow yoga. Think of it as a flow of certain postures on the movement of your breath. In a lesson you practice different asanas, where each sequence can have its own purpose. For example, you can start a lesson with several sun salutations to warm up your body or you can work towards a series with a lot of balance and focus.

De Vinyasa stijl stamt af van de originele Ashtanga yoga. Het verschil zit hem in de les-opbouw. Waarbij het bij de Ashtanga draait om het beoefenen van vaste set en volgorde van houdingen, is Vinyasa meer vrij en kan de docent de sequence van de les zelf bepalen.

During the Vinyasa class you can develop a powerful, energetic and flexible body. Practicing yoga with attention to your breathing also has many benefits for your body and mind.

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