Within a company it is important that the staff is and remains fit and vital. This way you keep the staff happy and prevent long-term illness. This is often easier said than done in a time with many burnout complaints. A coach within your company who helps employees make conscious healthy choices can help with this.

Yoga Sila helps the employees to create more energy for themselves and others. This can be done with the help of coaching conversations, mindfulness or workshops. All this with the aim of changing the old unhealthy behavior of the employee into conscious healthy behavior. Behavior in which the employee consciously reflects on the choices he/she makes.

A coach within your company has many advantages. The employees will feel better about themselves and have more energy. This also means that staff get more satisfaction from work and private life. They enjoy coming to work. And because they are active during the coaching sessions, they also learn to deal with setbacks at work and in life. All of these points mentioned above are reflected in the company's results. Think of it as a win-win situation for the employer and the employee.

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