Chair yoga is suitable for everyone. Yoga on the chair mainly consists of exercises that are also found in other yoga styles. In addition, attention is paid to breathing exercises to learn to breathe consciously and meditation or relaxation exercises. The exercises are adapted when necessary, so that everyone can participate.

Chair yoga is also nice because it can be done in work clothes, for example in a meeting room. The employees do not have to change clothes. In addition, chair yoga can be suitable for companies to do short sessions of 30 to 45 minutes, for example before lunch.

The advantage of this way of moving is that you also reach employees who are less sporty. That's what makes the chair yoga sessions so interesting; this allows you to reach the less sporty group. Participants sit quietly on a chair, focus on breathing, stretching and stretching and become aware of what stress does to them. In this way they work on their vitality, without breaking a sweat.

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