Everything in life can be mindfulness. Perhaps you have admired the sunset or listen carefully to an artist during a concert. At that moment you are fully engaged in bringing your attention to the here and now. That's what mindfulness is all about! Being fully aware in the present experience.

For many, life moves like an express train and we do not stand still at all with what we are really experiencing. Maybe you are writing the shopping list while you are on the phone with your mother or you are cramming your lunch during a meeting with your colleagues without really realizing what you are eating. So let's say this isn't mindful living. In fact, this is a harbinger of a life of stress and tension.

With the help of mindfulness you learn to consciously stand still in the here and now through various exercises. The automatic pilot is turned off more often, so that you live your life more intensely and consciously. This allows you, for example, to absorb stress stimuli more quickly and you deal with certain thought patterns differently. Your quality of life comes first!

Herken jij jezelf in één of meer van de volgende situaties

    • Coming home with a headache and a lot of stress;
    • Getting overly emotional about certain events;
    • Lying awake in bed at night with all kinds of thoughts that you can't put down;
    • Feeling chaotic and rushed during the day;
    • You can no longer focus during your work.

Dan is een training/les mindfulness iets voor jou! Zet jezelf op de eerste plaats en ga bewust om met de keuzes die je in het leven maakt

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