About Yoga Sila

Yoga Sila is Sanja Lazarevic, proud mother of two boys with a lot of love for yoga. Ashtanga yoga in particular has won my heart and I have been trained through various teacher training courses to become a Senior Yoga Teacher/Educator and anatomy expert.

After my bachelor's degree in nursing, I worked for a number of years as a manager in healthcare. The birth of my first son only showed me that I didn't want to be away for work all days and weekends. I decided to quit a regular job and retrain as a yoga teacher. 

My yoga journey had already started as a student and now started to expand. I followed a number of teacher training courses in mindfulness, anatomy, yoga therapy and workshops and retreats.

I really experience yoga as an addition and enrichment to everything that life has to offer. With full energy and dedication to my work, no lesson is ever the same.

From an early age I was involved with movement and the anatomy of the body, as the daughter of 2 doctors. Yoga has become second nature to me and I make it accessible to everyone. The beauty of the yoga system is that there are always options for a pose. You can put every student at ease and appreciate it by offering a suitable option for him/her. The ultimate goal is to let your breath guide you and turn inward. In this way it works as a meditative form of movement and you calm your mind.

Feel free to take a look at my site to see what I have to offer. Or follow me on the various socials.

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