Yin yoga

Yin yoga is all about surrender, acceptance and letting go. With this style, especially the connective tissue and the joints are relaxed and space is created. They are mainly sitting and lying postures.

In Yin yoga the different postures are held longer than in other yoga styles. This gives your body time to discover and feel what sensations there are, where you can move forward and where you should take a step back. The calm slow motion approach of the yoga class is what may appeal to many people, but that does not mean that the class is less intense…. You move towards your edge and that is where the journey of discovery and your mindset begins. You also work on awareness and a calm breathing flow. You really take some time for yourself and therefore also your body.

This form of yoga is quite new. It was introduced to Western countries in the late 1970s and quickly became popular. Previously there were only Yang yoga styles, such as Hatha and Ashtanga, which revolved around performing dynamic asanas. However, some asanas in Yin yoga are based on those from the Yang yoga styles.

There are 4 principles of Yin Yoga
1. Find Your Edge
2. Be still in the pose
3. Hold the pose longer (3-5 min)
4. Be Mindful

Because the attention in a Yin class is mainly on working on surrender and relaxation (in sometimes intense postures), participants are also engaged in mindfulness. Yoga Sila can make you consciously reflect on your body and mind in various ways and will therefore also guide you during the lesson.
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