Coaching and Yoga Therapy

It’s remarkable how quickly a good and favorable wind can sweep away the maddening frustrations of shore living.

Ernerst K. Gann

When you face a challenge in your life path, it is an opportunity for personal growth. You can take that step on your own, or you can get support through coaching by a yoga therapist. Coaching and Yoga therapy is based on the person as a whole and brings balance to body and mind. This is done with specifically tailored to your request for help postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas), meditation & mindfulness, cleansing rituals (kriyas), wonderful mind walks and nutrition.

I use these yoga tools in an integrated way to discover what hinders you physically, mentally or emotionally. At your own pace, I guide you to face those barriers, discover your opportunities for growth and recovery and break through barriers. In this way you open the door to your life force and your true self, because in essence you are already completely good and complete. Coaching & Yoga Therapy can, for example, help you achieve your personal goals, recover from illness, injury or trauma, reintegrate into your work, or enter into personal challenges. It is based on the healing effect of yoga on your physical, mental and emotional condition. You can use these sessions for physical complaints, but also for psychological problems and complaints in which the body and mind play their own role.

We always start with an intake session of 1.5 hours (rate on request). Then we make
your tailor-made route.

Would you like to spend an afternoon on the water? We can provide this experience for you. With our boat 'Sila' we sail out of the harbor. Then wait for the moment when the engine can be turned off and the side panels can be lifted.

And from then on you can enjoy the silence. Just you, the water and the wind!

What is included in the package:

  • Weather permitting, a sailing trip on the beautiful IJ Lake or Markermeer with our captain.
  • A sip and a bite.
  • Make free use of our SUP during the trip.
  • Possibly a mindfulness walk on arrival or departure (not included in the price)

Price on request.

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